Check out these wonderful educational resources about Venus flytraps.


Download Venus Flytrap Facts

Make a Venus Flytrap Puppet

Paper Plate Venus Flytrap

You will need

  • Two Regular-sized Paper Plates
  • Green and Pink Acrylic Paint
  • White Card Stock
  • Large Craft Wiggle Eyes
  • Two Inch Pom Poms
  • Fold one paper plate in half so that the top of the plate is on the outside. This will be the inside mouth of the Venus Flytrap. Paint the underside of the plate green around the edge and the middle pink.
  • Cut another paper plate in half, and cut a curve from the side of one of the halves as shown in the diagram. This will be the bottom outside of the Venus Flytrap. Paint the paper plate halves green.
  • Cut a strip of card stock about 5 cm wide and 22 cm long. Cut wedge shapes (teeth) from the strip as shown in the picture below.
  • Glue the teeth around the top outer edge of the first plate. Make sure you glue the bottom teeth so they line up opposite the top teeth when you fold the mouth in half so that they alternate.
  • Glue the paper plate halves to the folded paper plate mouth covering the area where the teeth are glued to the mouth.
  • Glue eyes to the top of the puppet or make your own.
  • Use your puppet to learn about Venus Flytraps. Print the arthropod sheet or use clip art.
  • See how many arthropods you can name and feed them to your Venus flytrap.

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Colouring in is fun

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