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Jozi Carnivores - Discover the extraordinary world of carnivorous plants

Discover the extraordinary world of carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants grow in hostile, nutrient-deficient habitats such as bogs, swamps and rocky mountain outcrops. They have managed to survive in these difficult environments by developing a range of mechanisms that allow them to catch insects and furthermore extract precious nutrients directly from animal life. This provides the nutrition the plants require to grow and reproduce and in the fight for survival a competitive advantage like this can mean the difference between life and death

Carnivorous plants are evolutionary marvels. They are also action-packed, ferocious hunters: Always waiting…..Always hungry…. Always ready. Are you?

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Explore a leading carnivorous plant nursery conveniently located in the heart of Kyalami. We stock an exciting range of quality carnivorous plants including many cultivars of the iconic Venus flytraps. Our plants are propagated via tissue culture, root division, grown from seeds or purchased from reputable nurseries. We are big on conservation strongly oppose collecting carnivorous plants from the wild. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will provide you with the all the growing tips and advice you need for your plants to thrive and flourish. We also offer carnivorous plant workshops, birthday parties, build-a-bog activities and the much love Jozi Carnivores School programmes.

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Are you searching for an exciting gift that is less about packaging and more about experiencing the joy of caring for something living? Perhaps you need a fascinating hobby or are looking for organic pest control to keep the flies and mozzies at bay. Carnivorous plants are a great solution to all these needs and more. Join our hundreds of happy, intrepid customers who have found themselves captured and captivated by a feisty Jozi Carnivore.

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