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Jozi Carnivores School Programme

The Jozi Carnivores Schools Programme uses carnivorous plants to teach students about evolution, conservation and the importance of rain water harvesting. During the programme, students learn about the amazing world of carnivorous plants and why they have had to evolve into mighty hunters in order to survive. School visits to our facilities in Kyalami include a walk-about through the sun-tunnels to see where the plants grow; dissecting the plants under powerful magnifying glasses and identifying the various trapping mechanisms different species have developed to catch their prey; Students also get to feed the plants with freshly caught bugs and learn how to care for carnivorous plants. The Jozi Carnivores School Programme is a perfect antidote to the stressful times our learners are facing in the times of the pandemic and has been used by to top educational institutions including Rodean, Crawford, St Marys and Bella Vista. We tailor the programme to suit the ages of the learners from pre-school through to Grade 10.

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A Jozi Carnivores Birthday Party is really the bees’ knees. Join us on a beautiful farm in Kyalami and learn about the amazing world of carnivorous plants. It’s the party the parents love as much as the children do. We will tailor an event to meet your needs and budget. Parties include:

An age appropriate discussion on carnivorous plants.

A walk through the sun tunnelsto see where the plants grow.

Examining and dissecting carnivorous plants under powerful magnifying glasses to see what they eat.

The Great Insect Hunt. Dig under rocks or chase insects with a net. It's good old-fashioned play as we prepare for....

Feeding Time. Our plants are always hungry and love to be fed freshly caught bugs and insects.

Planting Activity. Choose your favourite plant and learn how to pot and care for it.

And more and more and more!

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Build-A-Bog .

Select a container and choose your favourite plants. We will teach you how to design a sustainable, carnivorous bog garden and give you all the growing tips and care instructions you need to succeed. For a fantastic outing with friends, a team-building event or simply a way to escape the city right on your doorstep, nothing beats a Build-a-Bog workshop.

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